About us

About Willco Electric

Willco Electric is a Full-Service Electrical Contractor. We provide a professional high-quality electrical service to homeowners, business owners as well as general contractors. We can handle all of your electrical needs, Residential or Commercial, large or small, new construction or service.

We are a proud member of the IEC Independent Electrical Contractors, National Association of Home Builders and Green Screened.

Founded – 1999

Our Values

At Willco Electric we pride ourselves on standing up for the ideals and values that our founder, William Coleman, had in mind since 1999. 


We strive to be honest and forthright in all our business dealings. Moral uprightness is a core of how we function as a company. 

Commitment to Excellence

We are committed to providing exceptional services to our builders and our customers. We use our years of experience to make sure any work we do is done with the utmost care. 

Efficiency and Productivity

We value the time and business of our builders and customers. At Willco Electric we do our best provide our services in an efficient manner at all times. 


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